Headstart College Consulting is dedicated to helping you, the high school athlete, put a Game Plan together in order to make your college sports recruiting process a success. If you are a student athlete from the US, Canada or any other country who is looking to play a sport(s) on a scholarship at a U.S. college or at home, Headstart College Consulting can help find the college that's the perfect fit for you, athletically, academically and personally.

Headstart College Consulting also provides consulting services to help parents, coaches and youth sports organizations put a Game Plan together to keep the fun factor in sports while developing your young athletes both mentally and physically to reach the college level.

Learn more about Kirk and Mike, as former baseball & soccer coaches at the college and semi-pro level as well as former U.S. college athletes who received academic and athletic scholarships. We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with countless young athletes as well as major league baseball players and coaches.

College Recruiting Game Plan Playbooks

These days, if you want a college athletic scholarship or any other type of financial aid then talent simply isn't good enough. You must have a Game Plan and be fully involved in the college sports recruiting process if you want to market yourself and get the needed exposure to potential coaches.

The College Playbook is designed to help high school athletes (American, Canadian, and International) pinpoint the college that is right for them. The e-book is packed with essential techniques and tools you need to represent YOURSELF successfully at the college and university level. Get your college sports recruiting playbook today!

Sports Recruiting Game Plan Consulting & Seminars

High school athletes can benefit from what we've learned as individuals who went through the college recruiting process as a student athletes as well as having has seen the other side of college recruiting as coaches. Learn more about our one-on-one sports recruiting consulting services as well as our college sports recruiting seminars designed for high schools and youth sports organizations.